fortune cookie prediction 



LOVE sign N. Bennington VT 

trust in the Lord 

torn reflector train car graffiti 

EMPTY RETURN train car graffiti 

toys for the dairy 



homage au atget 

street surface by Stop & Shop 

pink collage 

Win or Lose Kids Win 

pendant with grapes 

purple mountain's majesty 

Lulu dines with monsters 

Donner and Blitzen aglow 

explosions triad 


9-11 train car graffiti 

Albert's Stores 


factory surveillance by aeroplane 

waiting to pounce 

Smith greenhouse EXIT 


Smith college graffiti 

trench mouth 


factory girl 

armoire bibliotheque hedgehog 

Xmas creche with Neanderthals 

reach for nails and teeth 


by air and by sea 

angsty looks 


blurry flowers 

Evergreen student with pink hair 

pharoanic fox 

red and blue stencil 

FSU ceramics studio 

7th grade classrooms NORMS 

BFTX 10070 train car graffiti 


Boylston graveyard 

NYC cab interior at night 


paper wasps at home 


manhattan in color 

Lincoln Place Brooklyn wall 

kachinas big and little 

seen while stuck in traffic 

shadows of the mimosa tree 


breakfast in bed 



flying fish ascends throne 




astronaut's umbilical cord  






































































































































































































































listening in 





virtual reality game 











































































































































































































































never-never land time 









































































































Waushakum Monet-like water 

floor splatter like ackson Pollack 

Joe & Charlotte & butterflies 

Colorful skiiers, monochrome slopes 

Nina's long hair Newton 1996 


Sinfonia cosmica 

What will they write? or draw? 

Mickey and the Book of Kells 

Feeding pigeons 

Trade mark eye 

Bedtime lullaby 

Oak trees out dining room window 

Soldat, La Patrie compte sur toi 

Falling in love 

In memory of Warren B. 


Floral squiggle scan 

Getting shocked 

Psychedelic General Lee 



Dance of the flowers 

















































































Glide-Cut Storage Basket 

NEVER Use Scotch Tape on a Book 


My Brother's Death 

Head to Toe 

Hello Kitty Cat 

A Shell Hit a School 



Anima Sole 

Pink Horse Aura 

Green & Yellow Faces 



Brookwood 7th Graders 

Hard Drive Seat 


Gets Dishes Light-Saber Clean 

Security Device Enclosed 

Strange Snack 








Flowers in Glass 

















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